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We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency
driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity
and a strong sense of responsibility.
We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility.





Artist edition
Hennessy teams up with French dance prodigies Les Twins for unprecedented two limited-edition collaborative bottles, interpreting cognac-making through motion capture choreography.
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Artist edition

Following a long-lasting relationship between the agency and Hennessy, jointly creating breakthrough innovations within the category, this new limited edition is undoubtedly one of the most incredible challenges we've faced.

For 2021's edition, the Maison pushed their conceptual creativity even further by collaborating with French dance prodigies Les Twins, marking the first time a dynamic live performance choreography is translated into tangible art pieces. In addition, it's the first time two bottles are dropping as part of the same limited edition collection, enhancing the brother's complementarity and difference.

As Elodie Koeberlé, Global Marketing Manager of Hennessy's premium range, explained, "Les Twins are street movement creators, by choosing them, it allowed us to expand the Hennessy Very Special street culture territory already owned by the Maison, to another — the dance world."

The project started with the identical twins immersing themselves in Maison Hennessy's world in Cognac, exploring the whole journey that encapsulates this iconic spirit, following the process from earth to glass. The duo had access to the Maison's vineyards, distilleries, and the Founder's cellar, conveying the process and their own unique experience into an interpretative artistic movement.

Returning to the studio from this magical experience, Les Twins worked together to elaborate further on their newfound inspirations through motion capture video, building a freestyle dance interpretation of the six principal stages of cognac-making.

From their inspiration and movements captured through hundreds of cameras, our team worked closely with our motion design partner to create a vibrant visual graphic identity for this new edition.
We would then translate it onto all touchpoints, including a 2 minutes motion capture video clip, 2 distinctive packagings and so on.

The final visual identity is simply magical, a game-changer in the industry, which converts through computer-generated images and special effects the moving bodies and personalities of both brothers. Contrasting with a deep black background, the CGI representation of Les Twins express their creativity through vivid lighting and colours, glitters, powder effect and evolutive materials telling the story.

When it came to translating the graphics onto the packaging, we did everything possible to allow the visuals to be the heroes of the presentation and express themselves in their purest form. We removed all unnecessary graphic elements by placing all black text and mandatories within a QR code. We achieved a 360 degrees packaging design when placed side by side, recreating the whole visual movement of Les Twins while elevating the shelf impact and consumer discovery experience.

In addition, the pack was created without any metallic substrate, hot-foiling to optimize the eco-friendly conception.
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“Always pushing the limits of design further, working with Appartement103 is a great pleasure ! They helped us translating movement into a visual identity and made it even better than we imagined ! The team is very nice, involved and reliable. Give them a brief and they will make something better than what you initially envisioned. You can trust them beyond doubt.”
Elodie Koeberle - Global Marketing Manager - Hennessy Premium Range