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We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency
driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity
and a strong sense of responsibility.
We are Appartement 103.
A branding & packaging design agency driven by a blend of enthusiasm, creativity and a strong sense of responsibility.





Limited Edition
Ardbeg's latest Committee Release, Anamorphic, defies whisky conventions with a multidimensional dram. Featuring sweet, smoky, herbal, and spicy notes, it transports consumers to a surreal world. Inspired by Escher’s art, its packaging invites exploration, reflecting Ardbeg's daring quest and the surreal journey each sip offers.
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Limited Edition

Ardbeg, renowned for pushing the boundaries of whisky innovation, embarked on a daring quest to create their latest Committee Release.
The process was nothing short of alchemy: cask heads were removed, deeply scored, and subjected to an intense "high mocha" toasting process. The result? Ardbeg turned upside down and inside out—a multidimensional dram that defies convention. Sweet, smoky, herbal, and spicy notes seamlessly merge in a mesmerizing taste experience.
This 2023 CR is the culmination of a surreal experiment, transporting drinkers to an alternative universe where the whisky itself morphs with each sip.
Our mission was to capture the essence of this curious concoction through product storytelling, naming, packaging design, and key visual creation.

Have we lost our heads? Yes. We have!
Welcome to a parallel world where senses and perceptions are turned on their heads. Ardbeg Anamorphic is not just another whisky; it's a metaphor for a surreal tasting experience. With notes morphing and combining in defiance of taste and physics, Anamorphic takes drinkers on a mind-bending journey into the unknown—a topsy-turvy adventure in the world of Ardbeg.

Anamorphic art inspired by Escher's optical illusions takes centre stage, creating infinite movement and intrigue.
With every glance, new details emerge, inviting exploration and discovery. Tasting notes seamlessly integrate into the illustration, guiding drinkers on a sensory journey. Key Ardbeg team members are also immortalised in the design, celebrating their role in bringing this curious creation to life. Premium finishes like varnishes, embossing, and textured paper elevate the tactile experience, ensuring that every aspect of the packaging reflects the whisky's exceptional quality.

Stay tuned for the release of Ardbeg's most curious whisky yet—a surreal sensation that defies expectations and delights the senses.
Brand identity
Structural design
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“Alongside their endless creativity, professionalism and a pragmatic approach to the Ardbeg Anamorphic project, the Appartement 103 team bring a sense of fun. Working on Ardbeg, a whisky with incredible heritage and a legacy of world-class marketing, brings an enormous sense of responsibility, and the Appartement 103 team took that responsibility as seriously as they should, whilst making the process very enjoyable indeed.”
Jenny ROGERSON / Global Senior Brand Manager - Ardbeg