STARAPRAGABrand Redesign / Released in the national Azerbaijani market

Bottle structural design / label design


Starapraga, owned by the Azerbaijani group Baki-Praqa, was suffering from an outdated image, losing its appeal in the local premium market. With the need to refresh and reinforce the brand on the premium beer segment, Appartement 103 was asked to revamp its overall brand presentation, developing a more modern and masculine image while remaining faithful to the brand’s essence. 


The design needed to stand out on store shelves, through a clear and assertive visual identity as well as through a confident bottle shape that would be both novel and iconic.

The lines defining the shoulders of the bottle were raised, and the foot of the bottle was given a more solid appearance, accentuating the modern, masculine and confident character of the brand, while reinforcing its elegance and sophistication.

Every aspect of the label was revamped, from a modernised cut-out shape to a bolder logo, brand icon and strong bright colours. The brand’s profile was raised ensuring clear standout on shelf.