HENNESSY V.S.O.PTravel Retail Edition / Released in the global travel retail market

display podium / key visual / primary and secondary packaging graphic design / product glorifier / story telling / touch screen applications


Hennessy V.S.O.P is one of LVMH’s flagship brands. Ultimately, the brief was to develop a new limited edition that would highlight the brand’s advertising theme: “Blending international cultures”.  Our task was to develop a bold and captivating VSOP limited offer that would modernise the brand and ensure clear standout against the hefty competition in the travel retail environment.


The Limited Edition design compliments the group’s long and illustrious history of excellence, built on the exceptional time-honored cognac that has crossed time and borders, being enjoyed today across the world at any time and in assorted ways: in the US, garnished with a few mint leaves, in Asia, with a twist of orange, or in Europe, simply served on the rocks.

Based on a true brand story, the Hennessy V.S.O.P has been accentuated in bright red, giving an elegant visual impact and a contemporary feel. In order to boost sophistication and originality, the main label is adorned with specially designed passport-like stamps over-printed with raised varnish, resonating with the cognac’s historic arrival across all five continents. The stunning case is elegant and aspirational, boosting a nuanced play of materials and textures, creating a rich tactile and visual experience for the consumers while transiting in the Duty-free World.

Here, at Appartement 103, we enjoy it with a splash of ginger – how about you?

« I am delighted to have worked with Appartement 103’s team on different brand projects. They are great listeners, responsive, reliable and professional in all circumstances. »

Hennessy International Marketing Group Manager – Prestige

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