HENNESSY V.SArtist Edition / Released in the global international market

primary & secondary packaging design


Appartement 103 has collaborated with Hennessy once again to develop this year’s Very Special limited edition in partnership with world-renowned and pioneer artist Felipe Pantone. His visual language resonates in a collision of mesmerizing colours, bold graphics and 3D illusions, while his technique explores an appreciation of history that is constantly being transformed by forward-looking technology.

Following Felipe’s visit to Cognac, discovering the Hennessy world from its deepest roots, he connected the similarities between Cognac making and his own process of “Remixing the Present.” From this unique French experience, he then created an exclusive art piece for Hennessy which became the starting point of Appartement 103’s quest for inspiration, resulting in the next Hennessy V.S artist edition.


Working alongside Felipe Pantone, Appartement 103 translated his inspiration into a successful and bold presentation across Hennessy V.S bottle and its secondary packaging. The main challenge was to find the right balance between our understanding of the Hennessy brand and Felipe’s creative vision. On one side, we had to perfectly respect Felipe’s art piece while ensuring that Hennessy V.S core brand identity remained intact and impactful on the packaging.
The project required a great synergy and teamwork, encapsulating the true essence of « co-creation ». It’s a delicate balance that we successfully achieved, supported by a long-lasting relationship with Hennessy and understanding of the brand.


The result of this collaboration is a stunning and eye-catching presentation, which truly elevates the brand through a contemporary and hypnotic offer.
We disassembled the art piece, drawn new details, re-interpreted and intertwined all graphic elements to reach this remarkable design.
It boasts vibrant colours, embossings and contrasting play of matt and varnish finishing, it conveys one of the most daring expressions of an iconic worldwide Cognac brand.