PAMPELONNE LÉGENDENew Product Development / Released in the global international market

Bottle structural advice / Brand creation / label design / Naming


Château Pampelonne is one of the most popular and successful Rosé brands in France. In order to increase its leadership and reach new consumers, the group asked Appartement 103 to develop a new premium brand called Chateau Pampelonne Legende, featuring one hundred years of the family’s honourable history in winemaking.

Our task was to develop a premium Rosé wine from Provence that expresses tradition and knowledge while being relevant to such a dynamic and contemporary market.


Our challenge was more about mastering how to communicate the heritage of the brand onto the presentation perfectly, while transmitting a very contemporary and premium look in order to appeal to the trendy province wine consumers.

The presentation is elegant and unique, comprising a subtle integration of die-cut label that iconises the brand and the castle with the embossed label. The traditional bottle shape seen from the front reveals a surprising look when seen from its side view, with a thinner and slimmer ergonomics, making it unique and easy to handle. 

The brand performed above expectations, selling out in a record time frame! We are looking forward for next year production! 

“Appartement 103 has perfectly understood our needs to create a super premium rosé brand. A booming product from our portfolio that has become a real success after only two years.”

Maîtres Vignerons de St-Tropez Marketing & Development Manager

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