CHÂTEAU DE PAMPELONNEBrand Redesign / Released in the global international market

Brand re-design / primary packaging design


After the successful partnership to develop Château Pampelonne Legend, the group awarded Appartement 103 with the opportunity to refresh Château Pampelonne – their flagship brand – a leading classic provincial rose icon established for over two hundred years, and sold across all five continents.


In order to inject dynamism into the brand without loosing its international recognition, it was crucial to understand and respect the key visual elements of the brand identity in a flawless manner.

The final chosen design kept the previous overall label structure, where every single element has been carefully reworked and modernised:

The castle has been redrawn and is now accentuated in a subtle copper hot foil printing. The logo typography has been cleaned up, boosting more visibility and elegance. The iconic embossed towers have been redesigned with more details to create a more elegant presentation combined with a more refined tactile experience. At last, we replaced the label with a cotton effect paper in order to enhance the premium feeling of the presentation as a whole. 

Overall, the new Chateau Pampelonne presentation is a clean uplift of the brand that keeps its identity intact, while ensuring the brand’s evolution through time.